Brahma kumaris Shivani Didi biography Quotes

Brahma Kumari Shivani Verma also calls people in the name of Sister Shivani. This is a spiritual institution whose name is associated with a Spiritual teacher from Prajapati Brahma Kumari University. It gives spiritual discourse to people by joining ‘Awking with Brahma Kumari’ which is broadcast on the faith channel from 2008. The show inspires the people to human welfare by joining spirituality. Their documents have been very much liked by the people. Not only in India, but in the entire world, they are called for different institutions. Here’s some information about it.

Biography of Brahma Kumari Shivani

Brahma kumari sister shivani education

Brahma Kumari Shivani was born in Pune in 1972. From the beginning, their family has been religious. Their parents were very religious. Sister Shivani completed a bachelor’s education in Electrical Engineering from Pune University in 1994. After that for two years, he remained in the post of lecturer at Bharti University Engineering College.

Brahma Kumari organization(Brahmakumari Sanstha)

An institution called Brahma Kumari to familiarize the world with religious sadness, Dada Krraj Kripalani, was a very big businessman. Those who are currently known by the name of Prajapita Brahma. From childhood, his mind seemed to be in religious activities. Slowly starts towards the promise of his mind. For human welfare, he laid the foundation of this institution in 1936. And the people started reaching spiritual knowledge and education. Installing this institution, he was now in Calcutta, which is now prevalent in the name of Kolkata. The headquarters of this institution is in Mount Abu of India, which is located in Rajasthan. The 8500 branches of this institution are spread across the world. In the beginning, there were only women in this institution who operated it and they were named Brahma Kumari, but now it is also run by men and they are called Brahma Kumar.

Brahma Kumari Shivani Award and Achievements

BK have been awarded the Women of the Decade Achievement Award by ASSOCHAM Ladies League in 2014 and the Nari Shakti Award in 2018.

Brahmakumari Shivani Quotes

Brahma Kumari has given a lot of important statements in his spiritual discourse, which inspire the people very much. as written below –

  1. We think that by remembering God, he will do my job but it is not possible whenever we do any work in the memory of God, then he boosts our power and impossible work is possible.
  2. If I give the soul of the mind to the burden of vain resolutions, it will feel heavy and will be tired soon.
    When “I” is replaced by “we” then ‘weakness’ also turns into ‘fit’.
  3. A strong soul can express your love. Only the same soul can be strong, which is confused.
  4. A weak spirit makes us innocent. If we are empty then we take it from others, but if we fill then we keep giving ourselves to everyone. This is our nature.
  5. Anyone giving love or given happiness always returns and comes back with a coincidence that we also hope this person.
  6. If we do not like anything in anybody, then we easily speak negative things. We first think about those expressions in our mind and give their feedback on them. The angry thing will be naturally impractical and abusive. Which generates a gap in relationships, which can break the relationship. Before giving any kind of reaction, we should think about his behaviour and should try to understand him, because every person has some reason about his behaviour, which we can not understand at that time and at that behaviour at that time Duri increases by giving your feedback. So we should give them some time. We should start positively by identifying some positive things and behaviours.
  7. Your thinking in life is to fill the high boom above the world, then take education from the birds flying in the air, which is unmatched by your flight. You also have such a potential that you can fill the flame with goodwill in the group, and you can rejoice in yourself.
  8. Hardly we try to plan to save our time. However, unless we run our mind in a schematic manner, we will continue to come to useless and negative thoughts in our mind, due to which our precious time will be useless. If planning is not able to do acids on time, then it also creates stress. Therefore, we should use our thoughts well by not ruining our time on planning. From today, we will take 15 minutes for ourselves all day, which will fill our brain with positive energy. We will keep the thinking of time for yourself for a few days so that you can see that change on your own.
  9. A positive idea has the ability to completely change any situation. When I think positive thoughts and it seems to be constantly keeping inside my mind, so I feel that there is a flow of positive energy inside me and things around me are changing. The impossible is also changing in possible and everyone is cooperating with me. This morning I will start with a positive thought again, even if there is a negative situation, I will keep my positive thoughts. This thinking brings a celestially and such a thought is always going on, I feel that it can be possible to keep every situation better.
  10. When we try to reduce or eliminate any weakness with strong thinking, then we have received some good quality gifts form. Trying to finish the weakness, we bring properties inside us, but we think that something is not changing in us but in the end, certainly receives some virtuous properties. Therefore it is important that we continued to remove our weaknesses and remove it. Regardless of whether it will appear immediately or not. Today I will try to remove my weakness and try to make a plan and try to remove its weakness completely. From time to time I will also review my plan and will appreciate it by understanding the gifts to the properties developed in this process.


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