How to withdraw money from ATM without a debit card

AGS Technology has created a new app, which will run both override and Apple phones. Through which the consumer will be able to get money through the UPI without ATM. This whole process will be based on the UPI 2.0 and QR code. To date, we used to make money from the ATM through the card, but how to get money from the bank account of the ATM card without using the UPI? The answer to this question is being given here today. Yes, you are all understood now money can be removed from the account through ATM’s mobile app.

Withdraw money from ATM without debit card Information

Base-UPI 2.0, App & QR Scan

Will work on which platform-Android and iOS

Who made it-AGS Technology

When will start-2019

How to Withdraw money through ATM with the UPI

  • First of all, you have to go to an ATM machine, which can be from your bank or any other bank.
  • The consumer will have to go to ATM and open his smartphone, after which a QR code will be scanned on the screen of the ATM machine.
  • QR code will be submitted by using a new app.
  • As soon as the QR code will be submitted by scanning, you will get money. But if the bank’s ATM is not of your bank, then you will get a transfer in the bank from the bank.
  • This all process will be completed without the use of debit cards.

What will be the changes made in ATM to get money through UPI 2.0?

This is a new process, in which the debit card is not used. In such a case, whether this process will be available in the current ATM machine or not?

Yes, this process will be present in the current ATM, it does not need to change the machine, this process will be started through some small changes [Institution]. Just change the ATM to add to UPI 2.0.

Is it safe to get money from ATM without a debit card?

Both UPI and ATMs go from similar platforms, so if ATMs are safe then this process is also safe.

NPCI recently told everyone about this process, which is possible to make money from the ATM without debit card and NPCI has worked to make UPI only.

AGS Transert Technology always works for ATMs, which are associated with the bank and the same company has created an app for the new QR code system and it is believed that now starting the process of cardless hairstyle in 2019 Will become, which will be made to keep in mind the consumer’s ability.

So far the card has been a time of payment, but maybe it will not be needed now. This work will also be done through a smart phone. The usefulness of the day’s smart mobile phone is increasing, it is also necessary to do the right way. All the techniques related to money transcination


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