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India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has been started by the Government of India and the services of this bank will be made accessible to the people through the post offices of our country. The objective of starting the IPPB bank is to extend the services of the bank to every corner of our country and connect those people with banking who have no connection with the banks.

The government aims to connect 155,000 post offices of our country with this bank and by the last month of 2018, every post office in our country will be connected with IPPB bank. With this, the number of branches of existing banks in rural areas of India will reach 130,000.

What Is Indian Post Payment Bank?

  • This bank was established on August 17, 2016 under the Ministry of Communications and the Government of India has full authority over this bank.
  • IPPB bank will also be like ordinary banks and all the services that are offered in other banks will also be given in this bank. Any person can open their account in this bank and deposit money in it.

Information related to India Post Payments Bank

  • By whom was this bank started – Govt of India
  • When will the work of the bank start – Since August 21, 2018
  • Under which ministry will this bank run – Ministry of Communications
  • Where will the bank branches be opened – all over the country
  • How much interest will be received – 5.5 per cent on saving account
  • official website –

Opening branches of IPPB

  • The government wants to open branches of this bank in every district of our country and the work of opening branches of this bank in about 650 districts has also been completed. On the day of August 21, 2018, the Prime Minister will be seen losing the bank to start this bank and all these branches will be opened to the common people.
  • In the first month of 2017, two branches of this bank were opened, one branch was started in Raipur city and the other in Ranchi city and now other branches of this bank are also going to start.

Facility provided under IPPB

  1. Like other banks, the customers of this bank will be given facilities like regular savings account, basic savings account, digital savings account, current account, mobile banking, direct benefit transfer, bill, utility payment, SMS banking and etc.
  2. Door step banking service will also be provided to connect more and more people with IPPB Bank and this service will be reached to about 300,000 people through postmen and Gramin Dak Sevaks.
  3. Only transactions worth 10 thousand rupees can be done through door step banking and people who take this service will have to pay some value for this service as well.
  4. Those who will do the transaction (deposit and withdrawal) of 2,000 thousand rupees through door step banking, they will have to pay an amount of 15 rupees for this service. At the same time, those who will do more than 2 thousand and less than five thousand money transactions through door step banking, they will have to pay 25 rupees for this service and a transaction of more than five thousand money will be charged of 35 rupees.

How To Open Bank Account In IPPB

This bank will be launched recently by the Prime Minister. After a few days, you will be able to open your account in this bank. Any information related to opening an account can be obtained by calling this 155299 phone number and mailing it to this email ID [email protected]

Account in IPPB bank can also be opened through app and to do this you will have to download this bank’s app.
By visiting this link, you will be able to know how you can open an account through this app.

Interest Rate

Those who get the money deposited in IPPB Bank, those people will be given 5.5 percent interest in the savings account. At the same time, those who open a digital savings account will be given 4 percent interest on this type of account.

However, an account holder can deposit and withdraw funds up to Rs 100,000 only in this bank. Whenever more than Rs 100,000 is deposited in IPPB account, it will be transferred to Post Office Savings Bank (POSB).

Branch Location

More than 600 branches of this bank will be opened across the country and the government is trying to open at least one branch of this bank in every district. Those who want to go to the location of this bank branch in their district or city, they will get information about their nearest branch by visiting this link.

Current Openings Or Recruitment

With the introduction of IPPB Bank, people will also get many job opportunities in our country and more than 3,000 personnel will be recruited under this bank across the country. At the same time, information about the posts for which applications have been sought in this bank will be found on this link.

In the coming times, the IPPB Bank will become the largest bank in our country, whose most branches will be present in our country. With this, more and more population of our country will join this bank.


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