How to Invest in Share Market of US Company like Amazon, Tesla, Facebook ?

Stock investment is a fast growing market in the world which has more than 10 million investors connected in last year(2020). This things Possible mainly due to

  • Ease of investing in stocks
  • Opening of demat account quickly with the help of technology. In today’s time,
  • The number of mobile traders has increased by 8% to 12%.
  • Due to lockdown in 2020 around the world people accure trading skills

If you wants to invest money in stocks, then he should open a demat account through his trading application on his mobile and can buy U.S stocks or any other stocks you want. Almost all the stocks are growing due to technology of investment platform which are bringing new investors to the platform.

But what about them? Those who want to invest for their retirement, pension and vacation. We are going to tell you about a platform where AI technology is used, which can help you in achieving your Long-Term Wealth Creation.

What is Stockal?

  • Stockal is an online stock investing platform from which an individual can invest in global stocks. Cross-border investment is not easy, but Stockal makes this process very easy for its consumer so that no individual investor has the problem to invest in stock.
  • Stockal is currently helping investors in South and Middle East Asia to invest in US stocks along with India and it tries its best to minimize the trade risk for the investors, result is to get maximum benefit from the investment.
  • Stockal provides global investing platform. Global stocks as well as facilities such as wealth management, robo-advisors, and brokerage to its customers. So that they do not have to worry in any way to invest money in the international market.
  • Stokal helps you can invest in the shares of any company like Amazon, Google, Apple. You can be a shareholder of these major companies.

If you do not have much knowledge of foreign companies and still want to invest in the foreign stock market, then you can take Expert Recommendation. Stockal has launched Stack which would be a Baskets of stocks, ETFs and other securities. There are those who are managed by Experts who closely monitor these. So you can start investing stress free.

How to open account with

  • Go to
  • click on sign up for free button
  • Then fill the form with name,available username, email account,mobile no and set password
  • Click on create account button

How does Stockal work?

Here you can setup brokerage account by signing up email and contact number which is very easy and together with your DriveWealth account will also be setup automatically, which is for investment in U.S stocks. With in two days your account gets approved and then you can start investing by adding money from your bank and can invest in any available stocks.

If you sell a stock, you can withdraw money with your bank account whenever you want. That is, once the account is approved, it becomes very easy to buy or sell stocks.

What kind of investment should new investors make?

Stockal has two main products STACKS and ETFs. If you are a new investor and want to invest individual then you should not confuse but invest. Stockal always recommends new people to invest in STACKS because it is a custom global portfolio of ways that Stocks have been made together.

STACKS : is specially designed for individual and small investors. At Stockal STACKS you get the best stocks in the world. You can invest money in whomever you want. Electric vehicles in stack trending industries provide simple options for investing in tech stocks as well as healthcare stock baskets.

ETFs : are a product designed for medium and long term investment. This is especially for those investors.

Friends, if you want to invest in the U.S Stock market, then the Stockal International Trading Platform is the best for you. Stocks of companies like Google, Telsa, Facebook and Apple can be purchased from Stockal from home and can sell them back whenever you want. You must try it once.


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