What is the google meat app and how to download it?

The corona epidemic has changed the world completely, the office culture has changed. Due to the lockdown, people have to work from home. In such a situation, the office or other people, who want to talk to many people simultaneously through video conferencing, were looking for such a mobile app that can give them all this facility.

During the lockdown, the demand for video conference applications has increased in every region of the world. Everyone wants this app with simple and good privacy for their company. In this situation, Google has been a popular and trustworthy platform for years. Now Google has also started a video conference platform named Google Meet giving this facility. How you can use this platform, you will get all the information in this article. You read this article of ours till the end.

What is Google Meat?

Google Meet is a video conference online platform. In this, many people can join a video conference at the same time. It is a platform primarily designed for professional work. In this, all the office workers can connect online and talk together. There are many options for screen sharing and any other way, through which you can easily communicate to people from home and give a presentation. As the name suggests, Google Meet has been made by the Google company itself. Google has launched several messengers of people’s conversation before this. The hangout is the main one, through which many people could be connected through a call at the same time. Now Google is going to close it completely soon, instead Google Meat and chat platforms will be available to serve the people.

What is the purpose of Google Meet?

The Google company has added this feature because in today’s time the demand for video conference platform is increasing day by day. There is no end to the epidemic, people are connecting with each other through video calls while sitting at home. There is a lot of demand for it in professional work.

But apart from this, there are many areas where they are being used. As people are not able to go to the wedding due to the lockdown, fewer members are being called. In such a situation, people are adding their relatives to the program through video conference. Apart from this, all religious places are also closed. Now churches are also being organized online through video conferencing.

How to create Google Meat ID?

Google Meet is very easy to use. For this, you just have to register yourself and create an ID, through which you can log in and make a video call.

For personal use

You want to use Google Meat for yourself, which means you want to make a video call from someone through Google Meat. Then you have to create a Gmail ID in it. If you already have a Gmail ID, all you have to do is log in. If you do not have an ID, you can use it for free by creating your Gmail ID.

For any commercial use

If you want to use it for your company / office, then you must be a G Suite user for this. G Suite users are those whose professional ID is created and your work is kept completely safe in it. Here people get more space to save data, as well as other apps of Google can also be used easily. G Suite users can do video conference by logging directly into Google Meet with their ID.

For the use of G Suite Admin

In G Suite and G Suite for Education, Google has added the Google Meet platform by updating it for free. Now anyone who uses G Suite can directly log into it and can do video conferencing with their peers.

How to celebrate the festival with Google Meet

The whole world is surrounded by Corona in today’s time, becoming a part of everyone’s life. Due to the epidemic, people are not able to celebrate the festival together. But Google Meet has found its way. You cannot go to people’s homes, but you can meet each other through a video conference. Siblings will not be able to go to each other’s house in the Rakshabandhan festival, but they can enjoy this festival by sitting in front of each other through an online video conference. On the occasion of such teacher’s day, this time teachers and students will not be able to celebrate together. But by coming online, you can celebrate this festival of each other comfortably.

How Google Meet Works

Through Google Meet, people can video chat with people sitting far away through laptop, computer, mobile, tablet. For this, go to the Google Meet option in your mobile, now start the meeting by clicking on the Start button there, you can share them with others and also add them.

How to download Google Meet mobile app?

To use the Google Meet mobile app, download it to your smartphone.

Android user
Android users go to the Play Store to download the Google Meet app. Search by writing Google Meat there. Direct Link – Click Here
Now download the app and install it. After installing, enter your Gmail ID and log in.
iPhone user
The iPhone user will have to go to the Apple Store, search Google Meat by writing there. Direct Link – Click Here
Click and download Google Meat and install it. Now log in with Gmail ID.

How to use Google Meet on Laptop?

If you want to download and use Google Meat in your laptop, tablet or computer, then no software has to be downloaded. You just go to any of your browsers and search Google Meat. Direct link – click here. Now you have to log in with your Google ID, after that you can create a new meeting or even join a meeting with someone. In order to join a meeting with someone, it is necessary that they have sent you an invoice link. You cannot join a meeting with anyone without a link. By clicking in the Invite link, you can immediately join the meeting with each other.

How to use google meat?

Video conference can be done easily in Google Meet. For this, all you have to do is download Google Meat on mobile.

  1. To start a video conference, open the Google Meet app on your mobile or laptop. If you are not already logged in, enter the Gmail ID and log in.
  2. After logging in, you will see the option of New meeting and meeting code on the home page itself.
  3. If you want to start a video conference call by yourself, then you click on the new meeting option. Add the name of the person you want to join this meeting, after which they will get the link by notification.
  4. If you want to join someone else’s meeting, then the notification code that came to you would have come in the meeting code. Enter that code here. After this, you will join the meeting started by the other.

What are the features of Google Meat?

What are the features of Google Meat, how it works, all this information is being given to you here.

Video Conference The main feature in the Google Meet is the video conference itself. You can easily use it in your laptop without any software.

Presentation You can easily share your screen in the meet, you can easily show the project to your team mate. This is the best platform to deliver online presentations at home.

G-Suite Integration Google Professional gives people a reliable platform. G-Suite is a kind of package that Google offers to its trusted people, cloud based service is available in it. Through G-Suite, you are given a domain name, in this you get Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Meat etc. services for free. Along with this, you will also be given a dial phone number through meat, which will allow video conferencing easily.

Two new features launched in Google Meet

Google Meet has launched some new features on its app to compete with the Zoom app. This will help users to have a better online video chat. As of now, all the work is being done online everywhere in the country, from office work to college school classes are also going on online through these apps, in such a way, Google has given some great features to give good facility to its customer. Adding to it From October 8, they will be available in the Google Meet app.

Q&A features

Now the question answer feature has also been added to the Google Meet app, this will allow the meeting host and meeting attendees to understand how to interact with each other more deeply. Hosts will be able to understand their questions and answer them in a better way. With this feature, no one will be disturbed on the call, whoever has some query will go to this feature and ask, then the host will be able to answer it well. This feature is going to benefit the student a lot with office meetings. With this feature, everyone will get a chance to ask and speak. People who speak less, or are not able to speak in front of more, will also be able to speak well through this feature.

How to use Q&A features

To use it, everyone has to enable the question answer feature in the Google Meet app. Hosts can choose which questions they have to answer, not whose. After the meeting is over, the host will also get a list of all the questions on his mail id, which he can also reply and send later.

Poll features

Now, by creating a host poll in Google Meet, people can know their suggestions. With this, the feedback of the customer, student will be known. A variety of online quizzes can also be played through the poll. It will work online only.

Features of Google Meat

  • It can be done on your mobile at any time, anywhere via Google Meet Internet.
  • In this, you can connect 100 people at once and talk to them, which is much more than the rest of the video conference app. There is also no disturbance in between.
  • Google Meet can run on any device. You can install and use it in any mobile, laptop, computer.
  • You can also share your screen.
  • The meeting host can add, delete, mute the participant as per his convenience.
  • In this, the meeting session can also be recorded. This meeting is saved by going to Google Drive.
  • Google Meat service is currently available for free. But after 30 September 2020, there will be no free service, for this you will have to pay.
  • Google Meat is completely secure, it is encrypted, where there will be no problem related to privacy.


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